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About SCS

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, SARATOGA COMMERCIAL SERVICES was created as
a platform for business establishment, growth and development locally, regionally and internationally.

Company Background

SARATOGA COMMERCIAL SERVICES was incorpo-rated in Dubai in 2015 to consolidate decade long multi- disciplinary business services and activities under one umbrella. SARATOGA COMMERCIAL SERVICES has established strong relationships with banks, trade desks and financial institutions in Russia, Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. SARATOGA COMMERCIAL SERVICES is currently focusing on offer its local and international clients extended activities.

SCS Management

SARATOGA COMMERCIAL SERVICES was founded and is currently being managed by a team of entrepreneur with 50 years of experience in international business, investment banking, startups, corporate consultancy, corporate management, growth and development.

Corporate Info

License Number 613210

To become a reliable business and commercial consultancy platform for companies with business interest in the GCC countries.


  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Integrity

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Our Services
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Project Financing
Saratoga Commercial Services provides assistance in financing longer-term, medium-term and short-term, seed funds,
bridge and mezzanine investment for infrastructural, industrial public and private projects through financial JV partners and associate investors.


Commodity Financing
Saratoga Commercial Services has investors available to provide Trade Finance for all commodity groups including but
not limited to metals & mining (gold, diamond, semi-precious metals, coal and metal), energy (Gas, oil, sustainable and
renewable energy), and soft commodities (agricultural crops).


Banking, LCs, BGs, MTNs and Currency Exchange
Saratoga Commercial Services provides facilitates projects and commodity transactions through financial instruments including Letter of Credit (LCs), Bank Guarantees (BGs) and other financial instruments including MTNs. Saratoga
Commercial Services can also assist clients in currency exchange transactions.


Capital and Investment Advisory
Saratoga Commercial Services provides assistance in Asset Management and Wealth Development to its clients by
making the most of their investments, regardless of the size of their investment through direct investment in Project and Commodity Financing, or through variety of Financial Platforms including PPPs with very attractive high rate of returns.


Business Establishment and Development
Saratoga Commercial Services management team has decades of experience in various business activities including
Sales, Finance, Marketing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Legal, Strategic management. Saratoga Commercial Services
management team can help senior managements and directors of companies through introducing new business
opportunities integration of know-how, relevant information and data and appropriate feedback in implementing growth opportunity successfully.


Business Consultancy
Saratoga Commercial Services provides professional or expert advice in business establisment, business developement, management, and finance for a wide range of businesses and commercial sectors.


Project Management
Saratoga Commercial Services team has necessary knowledge, skills and experience to execute and apply the right
processes to achieve objectives of your projects.


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Dubai Office
Transtel World Aviation (TWA)
P.O.Box: 35759, Dubai, UAE

+971 56 129 5100


69 Payne Road, Bethel. CT 06801

+1 - 203 - 241 - 4830

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